As 2022 is upon us and as we take a moment to reflect 2021, I ask that we do so openly and honestly. Life is and always will be a roller coaster full of adventures.Now you might disagree with me and you have every right, but “Thank You” COVID 19. Being on lockdown allowed me to accomplish “Now or Never, Shine Baby Shine.

My memoir is about the day I lost my oldest daughter and the twists and turns of my life. Honestly it was one of the hardest and most vulnerable things I have done. During the months of exposing myself on paper, I experienced many sleepless nights, tear stained pillow cases, and many frustrated conversations with no one in particular. I tried to wrap myself around the emotions and feelings I had shoved down for most my life, if not all my life. I was a freaking mess.

My silent “hell” turned into a #1 International Best Selling Book and doors began to open up for me. New opportunities happened, I became a host of my own live Radio Show, “Now or Never, the Choice is Yours.” I was connected to people from all over the globe. As I interviewed my guest I realized we are all struggling and our lives will continue to be a journey with mountains and valleys.

Living in the Moment or in the NOW became a common denominator.I also came to the realization that God, the Universe, Higher Power, whichever name fits your energy, is in control. “Let Go and Let God” has been my motto for a couple of years. I have been knocked to my knees countless times, each time rising to understand a deeper message of what I was to learn.This month, January 2022, I ask you to try something new. I invite you to create and manifest your life. Maybe you already have or do, so I challenge you to dive deeper than you ever thought possible.

Love and light,

Karen Wright