I would like to take this opportunity and introduce myself. My name is Karen Wright. I'm an International Best Selling Author, Reiki Master and yoga teacher. My book, Now or Never, Shine Baby Shine is a memoir honoring my angel daughter Kalena.

I am a Mother of four amazing grown children and one grand son. I am an expert of all forms of loss, and lights her path with passion, empowerment and freedom. I have a love for adventure and the great outdoors. I believes that each moment of the day is a gift to be celebrated through gratitude and the simplicity of living in the N.O.W. 


I moved to California my junior year of high school and turned into a beach girl. I skipped more than half my junior and senior year, with lectures from my parents yet  pulling grades to graduate. (YAY for me) I had a love for cutting hair, which I practiced on many guinea- pig boyfriends. All of them were too cheap to pay for one at the barber down the street, so why not?


I became a Cosmologist and started the career I loved. I worked the first eight years of my married life. Enjoying each day giving perms and foiling (Weaving) my clients hair. After a couple more kids now totaling four I stayed home being a full time mom. This is an unthankful job, one of the hardest jobs, yet one of the most rewarding jobs once the kids are grown and out of the house. So parents hang in there.

The enjoyment of watching your kids grow, don’t wish it away. I appreciated the time I had with my kids and being their number one cheerleader, through each stage of their life. Each child is different and unique, which is the best part of parenting. They are always keeping us on our toes. How you raised one kid, changes with the next. So don’t worry about writing a book on how to parent. A new edition will be needed.


After the loss of my oldest daughter and ten years later going through a divorce. I knew it was time for me to take charge of my life and destiny.

Quickly I figured out that time on this earth is short and I felt I had a reason to be living now.So my journey began with learning about energy healers, mediums, and gifted humans who had learned the way to help others. I feel in love. A feeling started to bubble up inside letting me know I was on my journey and the path would lead me to my soul.

So here I am learning and growing each day as God puts in my path opportunities to build my character and to start forming the light inside of me that was snuffed out. With the help from God I have ignited the light inside of me and I am here to share my light and love to everyone. 


I became a Reiki Master and yoga teacher, sharing my unique gifts with my clients. I became a #1 International Best Selling Author of my memoir “Now or Never, Shine Baby Shine.”

A story about my angelic daughter and the lessons she taught me. I was given an opportunity to host my own radio show “Now or Never the Choice is Yours.” I have become aware that when I “let go and let God'' my path is not as bumpy or rocky.

I also know that I was meant to fly and I will never divorce myself again. N.O.W. is the time to live and not waste another minute. The choice is yours. What will you choose?